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Loctite Nordbak Brushable Ceramic Grey

Loctite Nordbak Brushable Ceramic Grey

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Color : Grey
Work Life : 30 mins
Functional Cure : 6 hours
Shear Strength : 12,500 psi
Temperature Range : Up to 200 Degree F


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LOCTITE NORDBAK BRUSHABLE CERAMIC GREY is an ultra smooth, ceramic reinforced epoxy that provides a high gloss, low friction coating designed to protect against turbulence and abrasion.

LOCTITE NORDBAK BRUSHABLE CERAMIC GREY brushes on to form a smooth, corrosion-resistant coating, which provides corrosion protection against turbulence, abrasion, and cavitation. It can also be used as a top coat over Loctite Nordbak wearing compounds for surface rebuilding and lasting protection. Resists temperatures to 200 °F.

● Ceramic and silicon carbide filled - to provide maximum protection
● Ultra-smooth brushable consistency
● Easy to mix and use
● Reduces downtime
● Superior adhesion - forms a solid bond

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