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Loctite Fixmaster Magna Crete

Loctite Fixmaster Magna Crete

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Chemical Base :  Magnesium Phosphate
Color : Grey
Working Life:  10 to 90 mins
Cure Time:  2 hours
Multi-Part Product:  Two-parts
Mix Ratio:  1 : 5
Maximum Operating Temperature:  2000 degree F


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LOCTITE FIXMASTER MAGNA CRETE is a two-component, rapid setting concrete repair and grouting system. Chemically resistant to most common liquids and chemicals. Bonds to concrete, wood, glass, steel, and construction materials.

Todays harsh industrial environments wreak havoc on concrete floors and other structures that can spell trouble for safety and performance. LOCTITE Fixmaster flooring products are specialty repair materials for rebuilding, repairing and resurfacing concrete floors. These epoxies are non-shrinking with good chemical and corrosion resistance, high compression strength, and fast cure capability for making durable repairs on cracks, holes, spalled concrete, and more.

Features :

  • Two-component, magnesium phosphate-based kit
  • 13,000 psi in 28 day cure
  • Applies at -15F to 110F
  • Fast setting 5-10 minutes, bonds to old and new concrete
  • Ready for light service in 45 minutes
  • Compressive strength to 3,000 psi in two hours
  • Resistant to: chemicals, caustics, salt, automotive and aviation fluids, bacteria, and ultraviolet light
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